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Reclaimed Water Charges Adjustment Request

  1. The City of St Pete Beach contracts with Pinellas County Utilities (PCU) for billing of reclaimed water charges.  Reclaimed water charges are a flat amount per the two-month billing cycle.  

    If you have had a loss of service in your area due to service lines being shut off for more than 2 weeks, then you maybe eligible for an adjustment of a portion of those reclaimed water charges.  

    Information that must be supplied to be considered for an adjustment:

    • This form fully filled out & emailed with attachments.
    • Customer must provide legible copies the following items:
      • Your Pinellas County Utilities bill that shows the reclaimed water charges for the period in question.
      • A written note that provides the dates that service was not available and the reason you believe it was not working.  Reasons must be due to issues not controllable by the homeowner – like the City doing construction to roadways and service being stopped at a main line, or a major pipe break, etc.  

    Other Important Information:

    • Once we have the information above, we will check with our maintenance/Public Works department & the Pinellas County Utilities to determine if there was in fact a break in service.
    • Any credits granted will show in subsequent billing periods.  You must pay your bill in full and on time.  The City cannot help with late fees, fines, interest, or penalties.
    • Customer must have had PCU reclaimed water service for 3 billing periods before requesting any adjustments.

    To request an adjustment for reclaimed water service charges, fill out the information below and email it to

  2. Attach a copy of your Pinellas County Utilities Bill

  3. Please explain what you believe caused the interruption in service.

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