Post Storm Updates

Emergency Beach Restoration Project

UPDATE 10/10/2023

Please see the attached plans for the Upham Beach project. Walkover and beach access will be closed from the Paradise Grille north during construction. Guests can still use the south walkover access to the beach. Guests will be able to access Paradise Grille for food service but will not be able to get on the beach from Paradise Grille. If a drive over is needed during this time, please use 52nd Ave drive over. 

Access Plan - Upham Beach (PDF)

MOT Plan - Upham Beach

Update: Delivery starts 9/29/23  

Below is an update from Pinellas County 09/27/2023

The southern portion of Sunset Beach is complete, and the contractor is now moving north. We were able to obtain all the temporary construction easements on the south end, but not on the north end (South of Caddy’s) so we will be skipping some parcels. Once this work is complete, we are looking at a small area on Sunshine Beach, depending on available access and work area.

 A second crew is mobilizing to Pass-A-Grille today. Once complete, this crew will move north to Upham to address a small area there.

 We expect to mobilize a third crew to work from Clearwater (Dan’s Island) south through Belleair Beach during the first week of October.

 Other segments are TBD. Temporary easement documents have been delivered to the other cities for acquisition. In total there are 288 temporary easements needed, plus right of entries from all the cities to restore dunes at city-owned parcels and beach access points.

The project website is updated:

Dune Restoration Documents


Procedure to Expedite Eligible Permits Following Hurricane Idalia (ending 12/31/23)

NOTICE: All flood damaged materials may be removed without a permit. However, a permit must be obtained to replace the flood-damaged materials. 

The City will issue the following permits over-the-counter with a notarized application, a floorplan noting the damaged materials and photos of the damage:

   •    Roof Repair (less than 25%) and Re-roofs

   •    Equipment Replacement (due to flood damage)

   •    Fence Repair if it serves as a pool barrier

   •    Interior Flood Repairs (may include replacing insulation and affected   

        framing, drywall, trim, base cabinetry, and electrical wiring and devices*)


 NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list

*NOTE: A licensed electrician must sign on to interior repair permits to ensure the temporary power is made safe. Failure to do so may result in a fire.

Technical review is only required if any of the following apply:

1.    The value of work is $25,000 or more (requires FEMA packet)

2.    A stop work order was issued prior to the storm

3.    There are other open building permits, regardless of the value of work

NOTE: When technical review is required, the permit will not be issued over the counter but will be expedited to prevent further delays.