Hurricane Watch & Warning

Hurricane Watch

Hurricane Watches are issued when a storm threatens coastal and inland areas and the development of hurricane conditions is a real possibility.

  • Have cash on hand
  • Proof of Identification and important paperwork available
  • Stock up on extra water and non-perishable food items
  • Fill your automobile with gas or make sure you have transportation if needed
  • Check flashlights, radios and batteries to make sure they are in working order
  • Stay tuned to radio or TV for storm updates
  • Keep your cell phone charged, if you have one
  • Have extra supplies for everyone but especially for young babies & children, special needs individuals and seniors who need the extra help and care
  • Make arrangements for extra water, food and safety of your pets if needed
  • Make sure all members of your family are aware of the storm and your plans for evacuation if needed
  • Refill prescription medications and attend to all medical supply needs
  • Keep your Hurricane Re-Entry Tag available
  • Vacationers keep receipts from your place of commercial lodging available
  • Be prepared if an Evacuation Order is issued

Hurricane Warning

Hurricane Warnings are issued when hurricane conditions (winds are in excess of 74 MPH, high water and/or storm surge) are expected in a specified area within 24 hours. You must be prepared to evacuate at any time after a hurricane warning has been issued, even if the weather does not seem threatening at the time.

  • Include the basic checklist for a Hurricane Watch listed above
  • Clear your yard of loose objects such as lawn furniture, garbage cans or anything else that might become launched in high winds
  • Secure your boat if you have one (Most draw bridges will be closed to boat traffic when the Evacuation Order is given)
  • Protect windows, glass doors, garage doors and all entry & exit points to your dwelling
  • Gather items that you will need to take to a shelter or place of safety
  • Be prepared to leave when the Evacuation Order is issued