City Clerk / Records Custodian

The Office of the City Clerk provides a variety of services for the City Commission, City staff and, most importantly, our citizens. Our office has a staff of three full-time employees.

We serve as the liaison between the City Commissioners and our residents, providing citizens with greater access to elected officials. We also serve as the primary administrative support to the Commissioners. The City Clerk's Office is responsible for receiving and processing public records requests.


Our primary responsibilities include:

  • Serve as Supervisor of City Elections
  • Attend and record City Commission meetings, and the numerous committees and advisory boards whose members are appointed by the City Commission; keep a true and accurate record of proceedings
  • Custodian of the City Seal
  • Custodian of public records including day-to-day documents and historical records dating back to the year 1918
  • Provide notice of meetings and legal advertisements
  • Maintain City Charter, Code of Ordinances and Land Development Code
  • Prepare and maintain the City Commission and City Clerk budgets
  • Serves as Custodian of Public Records for all public records requests
  • Offer Notary Public services for City related business

Our greatest responsibility is to you. We invite you to begin with our office when you have a question or require assistance.